eco-RACK standard flat roof steel mounting rack

Pre-design, technical information and structural calculation available made of steel material complying Building Department Code of Practice withstand wind load 5kPa.
- No welding, no drilling
- Quick installation
- Full set - includes frame, brackets, bolts & nuts - no extra material
- Anti-corrosive: hot-dipped galvanized steel
- Affordable



Model eco-RACK-2 SST250-60M SST245-60M
Peak Power (Pmpp) 255 250 245
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 37.5 37.3 37.2
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 8.86 8.78 8.69
Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmpp) 30.2 30.1 30.0
Optimum Operating Current (Impp) 8.45 8.31 8.17
Module effciency 15.71% 15.40% 15.09%
Maximum system voltage [V] 1000(IEC)/600(UL)
Voltage temperature coeffcient -0.307%/K
Current temperature coeffcient +0.039%/K
Power temperature coeffcient -0.423%/K
Series fuse rating [A] 15
Cells 6x10 pieces monocrystalline cells(156mmX156mm)
Junction box with 6 bypass diodes
Cable length 900 mm, 1X4 mm2
Front glass white toughened safety glass,3.2mm
Cell encapsulation EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl- Acetate)
Back sheet composite film
Frame anodised aluminium profile
Dimensions 1640X90X50mm (LxWxH)
Weight 19.8kg
Maximum surface load capacity tested up 5,400 Pa accrding to IEC 61215
Hail maximum dameter of 25mm with impact speed of 23m/s (51.2mph)
Temperature range -40oC to + 85oC